Film commissioner

Mia Uddgren

Mia Uddgren
+46 708-48 46 21

Smart Kreativ Stad
Smart Kreativ Stad
Filmregionens verksamhetsberättelse år 2015
Filmregionens verksamhetsberättelse år 2015
Producenten som ledare

The Stockholm region is known for the beauty of its changing seasons - summers with long daylight and winters with long nights perfect for ”night shoots”. Temperature is pleasant - not too cold, not too hot. Summer temperatutes are usualluy in the 80s F, while the winters can go down to 0F.

Average daytime temperature throughout the year
Jan March May
-3C (26F) 0C (32F) 15C (59)F
July Sep Nov
20C (68F) 12C (54F) 3C (37F)
Sun up and down
Jan 1 March 1 May 1
08.44 06.46 03.50
14.59 17.16 19.42
July 1 Sep 1 Nov 1
02.37 04.44 07.06
21.19 18.50 15.55